Envirom ProOxidizer is a liquid organically based formulation, designed to accelerate the oxidation of bio-solids and reduce organic build-up in ponds, lagoons, collection basins and other standing water systems.

How does ProOxidizer work?

Water features need regular maintenance to manage odours and sludge buildup. Applying Envirom ProOxidizer will give rapid results without the need for mechanical manipulation and the use of chemicals.

  • Cleaner and clearer water

  • Reduces unwanted organic build-up

  • Eliminates bad odor

  • Degrades algae, sludge, grease and other organic build-up

  • Reduces costs on mechanical treatment and removal

  • 100% environmentally safe

Removes algae

Algae growth in water features can result in the development of toxins and bad odours. ProOxidizer aids the aerobe organisms to remove nitrate. These organisms are able to convert nitrate into nitrogen and oxygen that will evaporate into the air. When the amount of nitrogen in the water is reduced, the algae growth lessens.


Reduces sludge

The build up of silt at the bottom of collection basins, ponds and other water systems occur when there is not enough oxygen to break down the organic material that accumulates at the bottom. ProOxidizer contains organic acids and other components that improve the oxygen levels necessary for organisms that remove sludge.

Product Specification


Envirom ProOxidizer is non flammable and does not contain any toxins. In case of irritation to the eyes or skin, rinse with water. Do not drink. 


ProOxidizer should be stored in a dry place, out of direct sunlight and high temperatures, prevent from freezing and kept away from children.  Shake well before use.


Manufactured by:

Envirom Production Africa Ltd.

Free Trade Zone

P.O. Box 114

Kigali, Rwanda


Envirom ProOxidizer is delivered in the following amounts:

1 liter bottle

10 liters canister

30/50 liters drum

1000 liters IBC container

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