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Envirom Turf & Green has been used by turf managers, green keepers, gardeners, park services, sports clubs and others producing or maintaining wear exposed grass for many years. Envirom Green enjoys successful customer relations with several internationally renowned golf courses and sports arenas.


Here are some of our clients' results and experiences with Turf & Green:

Upland Hills Golf Course

At Upland Hills Golf Course in California, a study was initiated to test the effects of Envirom Turf & Green on a facility that was in excellent condition. Upland Hills had a history of including organic formulations in their standard fertilization program and it was thought that their conditions were such that Turf & Green was not needed. A control area was established with a Turf & Green treated area adjacent to it. Soil samples were taken after 6 weeks and sent to BBC Laboratories in Arizona, USA for analysis. The following test results from BBC Laboratories show the results of the study.



The results was striking and as the chart above shows, in the area that was treated with Turf & Green, the anaerobic bacteria level was strongly reduced.               Anaerobic bacteria create toxic substances that can inhibit root growth and make the roots more susceptible to diseases. However, the proportion of the good aerobic bacteria, disease-resistant pseudomonas bacteria and mold contents, increased substantially.

Rio Verde Country  Club

Before the application of Envirom Turf & Green, Rio Verde Country Club in Rio Verde Arizona, had major problems with wear, standing water,

high sodium and disease pressure. After 3 months with application of Turf & Green, the golf course had rebounded visually in addition to having

a healthier, more efficient soil.

Before treatment
After treatment

Other Turf & Green users

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