Soil and growth solutions

Envirom Green's solutions for soil enhancement and plant growth are based on a naturally occuring sediment called Leonardite. The different compositions have been formulated to aid the natural processes of plant growth, soil recovery and remediation. Our solutions are customized to cater to different usages, plant cultures and growth stages for agriculture, flower production, horticulture and turf grass management.



Flower production

Seedling and root growth

Grass maintenance

Envirom Root Base promotes early germination and emergence of seedlings, healthier seedling growth and survival, and rapid and early root growth. Root Base is applied when planting and sowing. Read more

Envirom Composter enhances compost for fertilization purposes. Composter accelerates the degradation of manure and plant materials leaving a nutrient rich and healthy humus. Read more

Envirom Floral is a liquid biostimulant for flowers and ornamentals. This blend of natural nutrients increases the growth and population on flowers, shrubs, transplants, annuals and perennials. Read more

Envirom Turf & Green is for growth and maintenance of lawn grass and sports turfs. This unique blend has well-documented results from internationally renowned golf courses and sports grounds. Read more

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