Restoring natural balance

In agriculture, there is a frequently strained relationship between the grower and the land. Production demands quite often exceed nature’s ability to recover and prepare for the next crop.

Healthy soils are crucial for ensuring the continued growth of both natural and managed vegetation. Soils and vegetation have a reciprocal relationship. Fertile soil encourages plant growth by providing plants with nutrients, acting as a water holding tank, and serving as the substrate to which plants anchor their roots.

Many types of micro and macro-organisms live in the soil in an interdependent situation. When one becomes unbalanced it adversely affects others. The higher the number of microorganisms, in a related balance to each other, that exist in a soil, the more rapid and complete the cycle of rollover of plant nutrients from old organic tissue to new growing tissue. When our solutions are added to the soil, the formation of the microorganisms in the soil increases drastically and their activity is multiplied with the result that the organic matter is rapidly transformed into nutrients readily available to the plants.

Envirom Green solutions are biostimulants that contains beneficial organic acids, enzymes, natural buffers and acts as natural surfactants. The basic ingredient is an extract of a naturally occurring material called Leonardite.


Leonardite is the high-carbon, nutrient-rich mineral remains of prehistoric vegetation. Grinded leonardite is mixed with water and other natural ingredients, in a proprietary manufacturing process, to extract the desired properties that forms the basis for Envirom Green's line of liquid solutions for agriculture, horticulture and environmental bioremediation.

The advantages of Envirom Green solutions are many and proven:

  • Promotes stronger and healthier plants

  • Increases yield

  • Stimulates biological humus development

  • Enhances root growth

  • Increases resistance to diseases and insects

  • Reduced needs for pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers

  • Non-toxic, affordable and easy to apply


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