- Shake well before use

- Apply 1 liter Envirom Composter per 1 ton compost

- Dilute Envirom Composter at 1/10 rate with fresh water

- Apply uniformally and let mix sink thoroughly in

- Allow 30 days for decomposition

Product Specification

Envirom Composter is a naturally formulated liquid solution that enhances compost for agricultural fertilization.


Envirom Composter accelerates the degradation of animal manure and plant materials leaving a nutrient rich humus for fertilzation purposes. Envirom Composter is a blend of natural occuring nutrients, enzymes, microbes and other organic agents that breaks down proteins, fats, cellulose and lignin.


When applying Envirom Composter, the compost pile will gain increased heat. The higher temperature will eliminate parasites, weed seeds, viruses, pathogens and unhealthy bacteria.


Envirom Composter will:

•Create nutrient rich compost for fertilization

•Faster decompose manure and plant material

•Reduce odors from manure and plant waste

•Inactivate parasites, germs and weed seeds in compost

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Envirom Composter is non flammable and does not contain any toxins. In case of irritation to the eyes or skin, rinse with water. Do not drink. 


Composter should be stored in a dry place, out of direct sunlight and high temperatures, and kept away from children. Shake well before use.


Manufactured by:

Envirom Production Africa Ltd.

Free Trade Zone

P.O. Box 114

Kigali, Rwanda


Envirom Composter is delivered in the following amounts:

1 liter bottle

10 liters canister

30/50 liters drum

1000 liters IBC container

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