Envirom AquaPro is a liquid biochemical formulation, scientifically designed to accelerate the oxidation of bio-solids in on-land aquaculture ponds, tanks and other closed systems.  AquaPro contains naturally occuring agents that increase aerobic bacteria necessary to bio-oxidize organic matter to carbon dioxide and water.

How does AquaPro work?

Aquaculture systems need regular maintenance and cleaning for fish/shrimp health, control of odors and build-up of organic matter. Envirom AquaPro improves the micro-biology in water that results in healthier populations of fish/shrimps. Here are some advantages with Envirom AquaPro:

  • Degrades and digests sludge mass and bio-solids

  • Eliminates odors

  • Improved fish/shrimp health and reduced mortality

  • Higher yields

  • Easy to apply and stay online during treatment 

  • 100 % environmentally safe


Blend Envirom AquaPro with fresh water and spray directly on to the surface of the pond, tank etc. Pre-treat water prior to stocking/release of population or treat online during production. 3-5 ppm for pre-treatment. For treatment during production, treat with 2-5 ppm weekly until achieving desired results.

Product Specification


Envirom AquaPro is non flammable and does not contain any toxins. In case of irritation to the eyes or skin, rinse with water. Do not drink. 


AquaPro should be stored in a dry place, out of direct sunlight and high temperatures, prevent from freezing and kept away from children. Shake well before use.


Manufactured by: 

Envirom Production Africa Ltd.

Free Trade Zone

P.O. Box 114

Kigali, Rwanda


Envirom AquaPro is delivered in the following amounts:

1 liter bottle

10 liters canister

30/50 liters drum

1000 liters IBC container

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